Mine Blocks 1.24

Mine Blocks 1.24

The producer has released a funny and cool game series, named Mine Blocks. The game does get much attention from the Minecraft fans worldwide! Mine Blocks 1.24 is considered its new chapter full of unique traits. Those, who have a penchant for this exciting game, are advised to give it a chance now!

Today, every participant has a chance to set up everything, based on their favorite and styles. A gorgeous building may be nicely shaped if they orderly follow such the detailed steps, like finding the raw materials, crafting tools, and placing blocks. First of all, walk around the forest to mine and accumulate the materials (sand, fruits, flowers, bamboos, coal, etc.). Don’t forget to hunt for animals. Then, apply such the collected items to create pickaxes, torches, spatulas, and so forth, according to what is written in the available recipes. Final, have the fitting items well arranged on the surface to accomplish the project.

Land on Mine Blocks 1.24 and enjoy the job as a talented architect now!


How to play

Wander with the arrow/ASDW keys.
Mine blocks with the left mouse.
Build with the Shift key + the left mouse.


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