MindShafted TD

MindShafted TD

We need your assistance, dear all players! Hordes of bad men want to kill Steve to death while no one can rescue his life, but you. Make no scruple to enter MindShafted TD and become his hero right away! We are waiting for the good news from you.

The best way to protect our character’s life is to build the solid towers! However, you should make sure that you earn a considerable amount of money. The Feverie tower is set up with $25, Splegg tower with $40, and Dwittyy tower with $100. After such the towers are completely formed, they are able to help defend Steve’s area from these ugly enemies that begin to attacking as waves. While this happens, the defensive system will automatically shoot at them. Remember, you have only 15 lives to play the game! Try best!

Hope that your achievement in MindShafted TD is exceedingly alluring and positive.


How to play

Choose or place towers: The mouse or the keyboard shortcuts.
Start a new wave: Left click on the ready button.


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