Loot Heroes 2

Loot Heroes 2

You are one of the Darkness Lord’s prisoners! Today, he requests you to beat all 10 rebel Lords of Hell that lurk in the bowels of purgatory. The only way to do the job is to engage in Loot Heroes 2 – a combination of action-oriented RPG and singular graphic form! There are 20 heroes for you to unlock, and each hero possesses their unique skill. You are allowed to swap those characters to best make use of their abilities. Explore now!

The first step is to select one hero of favorite. Later, unlock the new one by solving all the quests along the new adventure. With a few clicks, your hero is also instructed where to go, which way his weapon must follow, and what loot to collect to become the rich hero over times. Besides, don’t forget to find new equipment without refuse any quest so as to unveil each secret of the chambers and slay more monsters.

Can you win all the glory in Loot Heroes 2? Let us see your promise!


How to play

Recover health with the Z key:.
Interact with the mouse.
Mana with the X key.


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