The combination of Lego and Minecraft is expected to bring their fans exceeding enjoyment and surprise! And what we want to gift you today is LegoCraft! Taking inspiration from the Lego style, the sandbox world turns to be grander, more colorful, and eye-catching! Come on!

Don’t feel anxious! Just believe that you’re a reasonably proficient architect. As long as entering the game interface, you should demolish and collect many different types of blocks. Well, they are trusted to become a helpful source for the process of building afterwards. It is better to congregate them as many as you can! Learn how to craft superb tools and weapons by opening the Inventory! Seeing all tutorials displayed by LegoCraft is always a brilliant idea!

Good luck to you all, dear gamers of LegoCraft!

How to play

ASDW keys: Go anywhere.
Spacebar key: Leap over.
Left/Right click mouse: Place/Mine items.
I key: Open the Inventory.
T key: Throw items.
C key: Add trees.
The keys from 1-9: Opt for item slots.

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