Kram Keep

Kram Keep

Kram Keep is about Kram who impresses people with his courage and enthusiasm. If you want to become his companion in other adventure, come here!

At that time, the main goal is to defeat an evil boss and his minions from his dark keep. What basic actions you may take include running, shooting and jumping. As you make progress, upgrades for jumping and shooting will come available in the form of blue balloons. It is also possible to come across pink hearts which help to improve your health. The white crosses across the map are used to save points. Since the game offers a handful of enemies, be careful! These are able to crawl, shoot, or explode.

Wow, a lot of cool features are waiting for your discovery in Kram Keep. Get ready? Let’s go!

How to play

The X key: Jump.
The arrow keys: Move.
The Enter key: Interact with something in the game.


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