Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Get ready for the new upcoming challenges in the terrific medieval TD strategy game, namely Kingdom Rush Frontiers? Make sure to protect your property as well as take over new kingdoms by wiping out all of the enemies from your country. Much fun!

The best way to prevent bad guys from reaching your maze of towers is to build a lot of foot soldiers! How? First of all, consider playing a few defensive towers along the path. Next, it is time to recruit your army and transfer them into the battlefield to fight against the enemies. Do best to stop their invasion and arrival to your own maze! In higher stages, do not forget to hire more wizards, swordsmen, and archers. Avoid their fierce counter-attacks. Their death will reward you with valuable coins. Remember to spend these coins on more powerful upgrades to enhance your home troop!

As a TD game, Kingdom Rush Frontiers should not be slipped out of your hand. Let us see your leadership and intelligence!

How to play

The left mouse is only used to control everything in that game.


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