Killers on Blocks

Killers on Blocks

There is a touching story in Killers on Blocks. Listen! Steve’s shelter is being surrounded by a number of aggressive monsters. Their intention is to make his house become theirs. He cannot bear anymore! With your supportive hand, he believes that conquering these enemies gets easier than ever. Come on!

Steve is provided with a rifle – a tool to fight against these monsters. Because they lurk everywhere and suddenly attack Steve, make sure to observe the radar and exactly define where they are in the land. Once seeing their shade, you should shoot the rifle at them without any hesitancy. It is also a good way to improve your shooting skill for certain. If Steve is being assaulted too much, his health will run out, remember!

I think that Killers on Blocks creates a good space to prove yourself. Good luck and have fun!


How to play

Move around by using the arrow keys/WASD.
Aim and shoot by using the left mouse.

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