Kill the Creeper 2

Kill the Creeper 2

Why should you play Kill the Creeper 2 once in a lifetime? The game not only helps you destroy creepers forever, but also blows your mind with new and cool features. How fascinating it is! Come on!

If you have ever its first version, the game’s rule is quite familiar where you have to break the blocks so that it pushes the creeper to the Lava! Needless to say, there is no limitation to how many blocks you destroy. You win if the enemy falls down to the Lava ideally. What makes the game different from its previous edition is that you have to avoid touching Steve, too! That means if the creeper touches him, the game ends and you have to replay again.

Kill the Creeper 2 challenges your skills with 20 levels. Stay focused and careful during the more difficult rounds! Fun moments!


How to play

Use the left mouse to simply take control over the game.


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