Iron Knight

Iron Knight

A chance of becoming an excellent knight is what you will savor in Iron Knight! But, completing this role flawlessly is not as easy as your imagine! Follow us for more information right now!

The game is a fusion of TD and shooting genres, in which the ultimate mission is to aid the in-game knight to battle against hordes of upcoming invaders in a terrific way. To do that, there are many activities for you! At first, guide him around. Next, go through a dangerous forest to be in search of valuable sources. Bring them back to reconstruct the entrance doors of the castle. Such the doors are built to avoid the enemy destruction. When realizing any enemy, you should keep the character hidden in a suitable place, and then shoot at them with the given gun. Never let them reach the castle, or the Knight can die soon.

It is sure that Iron Knight is a good space for those who want to improve their skills and abilities! Fine, here we come!


How to play

Walk around: The arrow keys.
Choose the items: The E key.
Shoot: The left mouse button.


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