Infinity Inc

Infinity Inc

Why do players find it difficult to ignore Infinity Inc, the fun 2D action game? The PC indie/full mobile game is trusted to bring every player a memorable and fascinating moment! Don’t be slow anymore! Here we come!

What you must fulfill now is to eradicate your own clones. Wonder how to do that? The first job revolves around cloning yourself! Then, consider destroying your clone with the aim of passing other areas. Meanwhile, don’t forget to go through a lot of tough stages as well as congregate guns and power-ups. At present, nothing is more important than slaughtering the enemies and conquering all obstructions ahead.

Infinity Inc is the best place to settle as the game also makes you play non-stop. Good luck!


How to play

Go around: WASD keys.
Shoot: J key.
Clone: L key.
Self-destruction: Spacebar key.
Switch between clones: I key.
Move around: Arrow keys.
Shoot: X key.
Clone: C key.
Self-destruction: Spacebar key.
Switch between clones: V key.


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