Infinite Spreadsheets

Infinite Spreadsheets

Have a new perspective on Idle Clicker Games by trying Infinite Spreadsheets right now! Today, it’s time to demonstrate your skill and ability by beating up other opponents! Get ready? Let’s go!

Do you love a sense of running your own company where you are a boss? It is all reflected in the game. The main goal is to develop your company more profitably and grandly. At first, use the amount of available money to hire a few interns. Such the interns are able to do the jobs a nimble and automatic speed. Anyway, it’s a good idea to make deals on gorgeous upgrades which help to increase the productivity and mining ability of these interns. The only way to achieve bonus is to have more and more new achievements unlocked!

A new experience is now waiting for your discovery! Ignoring Infinite Spreadsheets is a pity for sure!


How to play

The mouse: Do the in-game tasks.


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