Immense Army

Immense Army

Before playing Immense Army, you should keep in mind that it’s an action strategy game. Today, players all have a chance to become a dexterous general who must form a lot of tactical strategies for the upcoming battle.

The best way to win a victory is to build a really superb army! Simply begin with a few soldiers, earn much more XP and coins, and knock out all the gruesome creatures in the combat! Further, it’s equally important to upgrade your warriors, collect new warlocks and bowman, increase their attack, and defense points. Those undefeatable men do help you become a winner resoundingly! How big can your army get? Remember that all the attacks are spontaneously released. So, all you must do is to add more damages to those evil foes.

Cheer yourself up for unforgettable weekend with the presence of Immense Army! Have a fun time!


How to play

Click the left mouse to play the game.


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