Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie 2

Carl – a headless zombie – has come back with a brand-new look! And Headless Zombie 2 is what we gift you today! The character finally makes a new expedition to figure out the truth. What is it? Come on!

In the first chapter, we have already known that Carl is capable of unraveling his head easily. At present, he wishes to become a human once again. That’s why he is now on the way to look for the magical spell, which even can make his desire come true. And luckily, Mr. Tesla is his only helper! Please play the game as Carl’s brilliant guide who can instruct him how to reach Tesla’s location. Along the way, a countless number of obstacles and creatures are also available to prevent his trip. Overcome them all while gathering all the cogs and entering the exit door at each stage. Take advantage of his flexible head to fulfill the task more efficiently.

Try best and good luck to you in Headless Zombie 2!


How to play

Move by the left/right keys.
Unravel head by the up/down keys.
Throw head by the Spacebar key.


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