Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem

Want to gain the ‘Best Sharpshooter’ title? Here comes Gun Mayhem – the best choice for people who want to express their shooting skill at this moment! Come on!

In this game, the players will be in charge of controlling a special character. Guide him to overcome 9 standard levels and 2 advanced levels to achieve the ultimate victory. Can you do that? Alright, let’s equip yourself with a gun and jump into the main platform immediately, and then, battle against the opponent to take over the ticket for the next stage. Instruct your gunner how to move, jump, and use a gun to kick the rival out of the platform. In some urgent situations, throw grenades towards the opposite character to explode him. Don’t miss catching all the falling boxes to receive some good supports, such as weapon, power-ups, and more.

Is it truly tough? Jump into Gun Mayhem to know your real capacity! Don’t hesitate anymore! Time to action!

How to play

Control the character: the arrow keys.
Shoot and throw bombs: [ & ] keys.

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