Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Don’t go anywhere since you are invited to enjoy another episode of Gun Mayhem, called Gun Mayhem Redux! Wow, it is hard to say no to this chance as the game’s fun situations will tickle your curiosity. Come on!

At first, it’s easy to realize that the game is comprised of many campaigns, in which each one requires you to shoot at all opponents moving on platforms. Conquer several first campaigns by using the rifle. Do best to attain the required achievements since it is the best way to unlock and make deals on the more useful weapons. If your main character is removed from the platform, then the game ends right now. Be careful! The enemies also attack him by firing at him to death. So, it is important to lead him to the training zone where his skills can recognizably be improved.

Start fighting against all enemies in Gun Mayhem Redux, guys! Good luck to you!


How to play

Player 1.
Use arrow keys for movement.
Use the Z key for the main fire.
Use the X key for the second fire.
Player 2.
Use the ASDW keys for movement.
Use the T key for the primary fire.
Use the Y key for the second fire.

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