Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2

What makes Gun Mayhem 2 innovative and cool? After dipping yourself to its playfield, you’ll be dazzled by its terrific and challenging campaigns. Get ready? Just do the first job here now!

This new version asks its players to become a gun shooter whose task is to vanquish all opponents. There are many different stages in the game. But, the main objective is to guide the main protagonist on platforms in order that he can fire at all enemies that try to beat up him. He should be also cleverly controlled to avoid tumbling off the platforms. Otherwise, he can die before facing up to the enemies. It’s also important to lead him to the training area to improve his needful skills by the time he engages in the first campaign.

If you are the fan of action games, Gun Mayhem 2 is a good choice!


How to play

Move with the arrow keys.
Shoot with the Z key.
Throw grenades with the X key.

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