Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft Labyrinth

Oh, no! Don’t hesitate to jump into Gemcraft Labyrinth , all fellows! An incredible secret is hidden in this game. Want to discover it? Tie your shoelaces and go with us!

According to the witches, a terrible curse will be woken up and possess the Labyrinth Kingdom. Can’t believe it, right? However, it’s true! The Dark Force sent from Hell has approach the Kingdom to invade this rich land and attack the people here. To destroy the enemies, the one and only way is to release the magical orb’s power. Once it shines the foes, they’ll die right away. That’s why the players must build a firm defensive structure to stop the enemies’ invasion before they steal the orb. Hurry to craft gems, place traps, and build walls to defend the Kingdom. Be careful, or they will attack you back. Remember to fulfill the Mana bar as it plays an important role in the battle.

Can’t wait any longer, right? Head towards Gemcraft Labyrinth to perform the task efficiently!

How to play

The hero in this game is the mouse.


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