Fruits 2

Fruits 2

If you are looking for a perfect environment to hone skills and relax, nothing is better than Fruits 2 – one of our selected games! As the saga of Fruits, you can wonder their differences, right? That’s why you should accompany us to find the answer!

Every joiner, when entering the playfield, finds it easy to be impressed by a countless number of colorful and lovely fruits. However, focus on the content of the awesome puzzle game, please! They are entrusted with a task of crushing any angry fruits to jam! How? Simply interact with several supplied objects to cause a chain of actions. It is possible to eradicate ice blocks to make the fruit eventually fall down or simply tap on a target to make it jump & push another one off the platform. Choose whatever you want to play the game!

Don’t let us disappointed and unsatisfied with your performances during the interface of Fruits 2! Good luck to you all!


How to play

The left mouse is clicked to activate the whole game.


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