Frozen Islands

Frozen Islands

Frozen Islands have been formed by an ice giant. At that time, all villagers on these islands were also frozen. They may live like that forever without your support! So, please save them from this ugly force and bring back the peace to the villagers. Here we come!

The most important job here is to train warrior units, and then guide them to the battleground so as to defeat these enemies. Try best to prevail over them all to rescue the villagers. Since your home troop will automatically fight against the enemies, what you must do is to collect power-ups and money from their death. After that, spend the collected achievement to buy new and cool upgrades for other next battles. And the best way to win the game in a resounding way is to kill the ice giant.

What do you think, dear players? Let the villagers of Frozen Islands see how excellent you are!


How to play

The game is just controlled by the left mouse button.


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