Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft commonly takes its inspiration from Flappy Birth. That’s why the game does not only make your experience interesting, but also feel angry sometimes. Stay calm and conquer the game by your skill. Here we come!

With the same content as Flappy Bird, what you must do is also similar. At present, you should help the craftsman to fly through narrow gaps which are formed by many pillars. It is not easy to do the task as you must keep him always in balance. The game is over if the protagonist unluckily collides with any pillar. So, always keep yourself alert and careful why flying. Strictly follow our rule for best result! The game comes up 2 modes for you to select. These are Easy and Hard modes.

Try best to gain high scores with Floppy Craft! Hope that you feel fun and satisfied!


How to play

Click the left mouse constantly to play Floppy Craft.


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