Conquering any strategy game requires your dexterity and cunning, and FightingCraft is no exception! If you want to keep the game’s challenge under control, simply follow our detailed guidance below!

It is all about a craftsman who is craving to rebuild his shelter by pushing and collecting sticks. What you have to do is to guide him to the right or left directions so that he is easily able to carry out the job without hassles. However, if you unintentionally make him hit any obstructions, like the tree branches, or the timeout has expired, the game also stops. Finally, your score will also be ranked with the list of every participant who has just entered the game. It is sure that it will be added up after each level. We advise you to make use of the score to be in good exchange of any craftsman of your desire.

As FightingCraft can take much time to get acquainted with, you should enjoy its content at leisure.


How to play

The game is all played with the mouse.


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