Fatal Fighters

Fatal Fighters

Get ready to battle against superb fatal fighters by creating matches? Yes, we are talking about Fatal Fighters! Make sure to become ber and inflict upon more and more damage for your glorious victory!

At that time, players are required to select their own hero before partaking in the battle. Although there are 10 heroes, you must unlock them all by fighting with them first. And only the first hero is picked after you are in the battle. There is also a need to collapse some block as well as fill up the power. Clicking on the power and use is after it is filled up. Make an effort to reach the end stage and contemplated the surprise at the end of the level.

Wow! It is hard to deny the gameplay of Fatal Fighters, right? It will leave you dazzled at the firs time of playing. What are you waiting for? Enter and show off your talent right now!


How to play

The left mouse button is used to play the game.


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