Family Rush

Family Rush

Family Rush is a shooting game where you must try best to help a poor baby out of a terrible demon. Join in the game when you are ready!

See a man? That is his father. He took a gun and recently has gone to a pursuit. However, a lot of ugly creatures are waiting to take his life, include vampires, monsters, bats, zombies and other evil spirits. Having passed small distance, the dad is able to release a mom, and further the grandma and grandpapa. Unlocking each member in the family is an important task, which helps to win the most important demon. Consider collecting coins and other stuff to have your equipment upgraded as well as help to release the baby by one of your relatives.

Get ready? Load your weapon and slay hordes of ghosts, demons, and other wicked creatures. Good luck to you in Family Rush!


How to play

Make use of the left mouse to play the game.


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