Epic Boss Fighter 2

Epic Boss Fighter 2

Today, Epic Boss Fighter 2 mainly focuses on an epic battle between you and huge monsters. Of course, don’t play just for fun! It is important that you should defeat the enemy troop as soon as possible, continuously improve your weapons, and upgrade your armor! Come here!

After celebrating the last victory, there was a bad thing here! A new wave of big monsters appeared to destroy this planet again. Once woke up, our hero was surrounded by these ugly monsters. It is time to help the hero attack those monsters away. Simply shoot at every boss as well as avoid each incoming bullet. Your mission is to survive and defeat as many enemies as possible. If your character dies, don’t forget to upgrade him and then he is able to try to destroy them again. The best way to upgrade is to collect as many coins as you can.

Good luck to you during Epic Boss Fighter 2.


How to play

The left mouse or keys on the keyboard are used to control the game.

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