Dream Car Racing Evo

Dream Car Racing Evo

There is one thing for sure that Dream Car Racing Evo is your good choice if driving cars and motorbikes is your favorite. Your eyebrows will be raised, by not only a crazy race, but also a cool chance to make a full car. Wow, it is very exciting! Here we come!

First of all, it is important to assemble your motorbike by dragging given parts to this vehicle. Of course, make sure to place them in right positions. Second, ride it along each sloping track and overcome each obstacle until it comes to the final destination nicely. Be careful since the offered amount of fuel is just limited. Time by time, it will gradually run out. That’s why you should speed up any time. Make use of the Boost bar at the bottom if possible. The further your vehicle runs, the more coins you can collect.

So, Dream Car Racing Evo is so fun that you want to play right now! Prove yourself!


How to play

The arrow keys as well as the left mouse button are all necessary to play the game.

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