Death Squad

Death Squad

Becoming a hero that saves the world from invaders is what you will do in Death Squad! This mission is truly noble and honorable. So, don’t let this chance slip out of your hands in all cases! Let’s go!

How to prevent a number of invaders from wrecking our Earth? First of all, go around, find new tools, and upgrade ships and weapons. These activities are useful to the upcoming battle. There are 2 important modes you should take into consideration. Abilities mode at the left side of the screen should be activated to attain the permanent bonuses. And the Stats and Achievements mode should be activated to explore unbelievable things. Follow what the game instructs for the nice performances.

Death Squad becomes a terrific place to hone your skills and becoming a hero in others’ heart! Good luck!


How to play

The mouse button is used to do everything in the game.


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