Crush The Castle 2

Crush The Castle 2

Hello, everyone! Follow us to keep all puzzles of Crush The Castle 2 under control now! The game is the next version of Crush The Castle series. That’s why each of the in-game stages will get you shocked for the first time. Here we go!

The game is designed by many different levels, which include areas having castles, knights, towers, and noble people. So, what is the main purpose? It is a must to destruct such the magnificent buildings so that all the knights and noble peoples are put to death. Don’t worry! The game offers you all a catapult that is useful to toss logs at the targets. Make sure to exactly aim for the best throws. Just because the logs are unlimited, there is nothing better than using them wisely and getting more scores.

Hone your skill throughout the playfield of Crush The Castle 2, guys! Have fun time ever!


How to play

The mouse is pressed to play Crush The Castle 2.

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