Creep Craft 2

Creep Craft 2

What if you are invited to come back the Minecraft world where an exciting and scaring adventure is waiting for you? So, enter Creep Craft 2 right now! At that time, you role-play a green creeper again, just like the first edition. Ready? Let’s go!

After setting foot in this Minecraft-inspired game, you are required to find ways to stay alive from all ugly and horrible creatures. The coolest way to protect yourself from the world filled with threats is to find pickaxes, build your own fortress, and increase your power. A lot of different materials (such as rocks, wood, etc.) found along the journey should be used to craft helpful items. Remember to sneak out when the sun goes down, or you have to battle with the zombies. Hunt pigs to recover your health and sharpen your strength.

Creep Craft 2 is available here. Grab this cool chance and hope that you win a victory. Have a fun time!


How to play

Use items with the left mouse.
Move and jump with WASD keys.


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