Crazy Zombie 5.0

Crazy Zombie v5.0

Crazy Zombie has recently come back with a new appearance, called Crazy Zombie 5.0! If you are curious to unearth this innovation, pay a visit to the playfield right now!

Today, you should role-play a talented fighter who is assigned to do many tasks! Loads of bloodthirsty and aggressive zombies are flocking into a beautiful place. After choosing a hero of favorite, you should train him/her how to release his/her fighting performances. Once he/she is ready, it’s time to bring him/her to the battlefield where a swarm of contenders are waiting for his ability. The only way to prevent their counter-attacks is to move, jump, and launch the special powers. It’s equally important to focus on the Health and Energy bar to make sure that the character is still on the best condition. There is nothing greater than exploring every new character and 4 modes of the game.

Wish you all success in Crazy Zombie 5.0!


How to play

Go ahead with the WASD/Arrow keys.
Jump, use skills, and launch attacks with UIOJKL keys for player 1 and 123456 keys for player 2.

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