Craft Shooting

Craft Shooting

What need to do if your homeland is under an onslaught of many aggressive zombies? Steve is now in the same content, and he tries best to protect it from such the strong destruction. However, he finds it hard to win a victory without your great contribution! That’s why today you are requested to become his faithful leader through landing on Craft Shooting right now! Let’s go!

At first, it is easy to realize that Steve is well equipped with a strong gun, which can help him eradicate all these disgusting foes ahead. So, your job is simply to support the man in aiming and launching exact shots at them. After their death, it is quite possible to gain more and more valuable bonuses. Collect and use them for the unexpected explosion! If you want to show your score to everyone, don’t mind checking it at the top of the screen.

With the impressive graphics and inspiring content, Craft Shooting is trusted to make you play non-stop without caring the final result!


How to play

Interact with the game: The Mouse and spacebar key.

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