Comic Stars Fighting 3.2

Comic Stars Fighting 3.2

Have ever heard the game, namely Comic Stars Fighting 3.2? The game is designed for those who want to show off their terrific kung fu performances. Don’t overlook a chance to improve your skill at any case. Try it at once!

Today, you are invited to partake in one of the most hectic and vicious arenas where there are loads of aggressive opponents. First, you should choose one of your comic stars of favorite before becoming a participant in each fighting competition. These include Luffy, Yugi, Songoku, etc. What you should do is to take control of the selected character so that he’s able to move ahead, punch, jump up, kick, or launch special abilities to knock out the opponents. It’s best to evade all their counter-attacks, or his health will reduce.

Though it is not hard to win Comic Stars Fighting 3.2, we believe that you can do it for resounding victory!


How to play

Player 1.
JKLUIO keys: assault.
ASDW keys: Move.
Player 2.
Arrow keys: Move.
123456 keys: Attack.


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