Civilizations Wars

Civilizations Wars

Civilizations Wars is an awesome epic strategy game. What you have to do, after entering the game, is to protect your land and people from enemies’ invasion. Just come on and explore!

Today, you will role-play a leader of your race. And the leader’s mission is to conquer all of the buildings on the map. First of all, click and hold the left mouse over one of your buildings to choose it. While still holding, let’s move the mouse over an empty or even enemy building you would like to attack and release. Destroy rival civilizations through sending your tribe members from building to building in the real-time battles. New modes should be unlocked once you gain experience points and level up. For the best result, don’t forget to refer to the in-game instructions.

Engage in Civilizations Wars and let everyone see that you are blessed with good leadership and intelligence! Good luck!

How to play

The mouse is clicked to do all the in-game requirements.


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