City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack

City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack

Hello, everyone! City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack is released to give you a chance to role-play a superhero of the areas which are now under siege of many conquers. Be brave and smart to take up the important role! Get ready? Let’s get started!

The new update dazzles its fans with a pack of new troops, new levels, and new baddie bunkers. Sounds awesome? Of course, you are! See the protagonist equipped with a gun? Simply guide him ahead, eliminate all of the disgusting opponents from each of the levels, complete the quest, and do a few bonus tasks, such as rescuing people (VIP citizens or civilians), congregating stars, coins and other precious items, and more. In the end, don’t forget to buy advanced upgrades to boost his strength and offer him more equipment items.

Make no scruple to enter City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack and embark on the first mission, dear guys! Come on!


How to play

Step around with ASDW keys.
Aim and shoot with the left click.


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