Bomb It

Bomb It

Your mind will be surely stolen by a breathtaking game with delightful images! Yes, what we want to mention is Bomb It. At present, you will be in charge of a little robot, and doing some necessary tasks. Wow! How cool! Get started here!

As the main character, you must discover complex mazes and gather valuable items. First, please the robot through pathways of each maze, and then place bombs. Bombs are released to break blocks and obstacles so that various treasures can be clearly seen, like hammers, short guns, stars, vehicles, gloves, grenades, hearts, dynamite, and so forth. It’s worth remembering that the opponent robots are wandering around everywhere and finding opportunities to kill you. Be careful!

Immerse yourself to the most joyful time with Bomb It right now! We are sure that you find it hard to resist its beauty. Here we are!


How to play

Move with the arrow keys.
Set bombs with the spacebar key.


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