Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby Da Arrow

Change your boring experience by savoring a stunning shooting game, called Bobby Da Arrow! At present, you must role-play a warrior whose duty is to defend his kingdom from hordes of gruesome invaders. Let’s get started!

The first job is to equip the protagonist with a bow and arrows as they can help you to shoot at all the enemies to death. The number of arrows is just limited, so try best to fulfill the task as soon as possible. Avoid/block the counter-attacks launched by the green creatures. The best way to keep alive is to slaughter them all. Further, it is equally important to protect the King from the destruction of many hateful hostiles. Do you see the clock? Once it exactly points 12 o’clock, the opponents still move while your fighter must stop for a while.

It is never an easy job to win Bobby Da Arrow! Wish you fun and excited!


How to play

The cursor: Interact with the game.


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