Bloons Td 5

Bloons Td 5

TD game always attracts players by its amusing features, so does Bloons Td 5. The game makes your dream of the world’s dominator come true by all means. Don’t feel hesitant anymore. Have fun!

It comes up 3 levels for you to conquer. These include Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. In terms of the main objective in each of the tracks, you are assigned to build up a protection system around the path by using the given towers. What for? It is necessary to prevent loads of poisonous balloons from infiltrating into the gate. Don’t worry! Every player is rewarded with the limited fund that can be used to buy unlocked traps and turrets. Once the deployment is quite set up, the balloons will be automatically attacked. Their death adds more cash to your fund for sure. Well, there is nothing greater than using the fund for upgrading the defense system.

Enter and set Bloons Td 5 in motion. Let us see your performances! Good luck to you!

How to play

The left mouse: Play Bloons Td 5.


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