Big Dig:Treasure Clickers

Big Dig:Treasure Clickers

How wonderful it is if you are surrounded by a lot of sparkling and valuable items, right? Let Big Dig: Treasure Clickers make this dream come true. The main targets focus on digging and gathering treasures. Wow, how fascinating! Immerse in its content here at once!

As mentioned above, there are 2 main missions to consider. The first one is about continuously tapping on the panels of the grid so as to dig treasures, such as gold coins, valuable stones, and so on. Second, collect them and exchange what you dug for cash. Spend the hard-earned money on helpful tools that may help to increase the mining speed and earn more treasures. Don’t worry! You can find anything good and useful once visiting the town. But, it is better to buy something needful!

There’s no reason to refuse a chance to enjoy Big Dig: Treasure Clickers, we promise! Happy time!


How to play

The exquisite game is enjoyed by using the left mouse.


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