Battle Sails

Battle Sails

Yes, it’s the year of 1670 and you’re voted as a leader of a developing European nation, who wants to gain control over the lands and resources of the Caribbean Sea. Now, it is time to conquer all regions and build up a grand navy of warships. But beware! Your enemy nations share the same goal. Take action to make sure that your lands don’t fall into the hands of the rival and victory is yours. Glory awaits you in Battle Sails!

The first job revolves around building up the fortresses that can help to protect your nation from loads of invaders and merchant ships. Rest assured that warships and revenue are improved while other regions are devastated. Meanwhile, brilliantly break or sign peace treaties with the rival bastion at your convenience. Keep in mind that diplomacy might be unreliable during those days!

You are strongly advised to follow all the instructions given by Battle Sails before taking action!


How to play

Steer and navigate the game by the left mouse.


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