Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 23

Have ever dreamt about the world where you are a dominator? Then, Battle Gear 2 is trusted to be one of the best zones to make it come true. Wow! How interesting! Get the game started here!

As the name of the game suggests, it is easy to realize that a lot of fierce and dramatic cliffhangers are included here. In fact, the game exactly tells about the battle between 2 hostile troops for the world dominator. You must take control of the one, and other one is managed by CPU. The main goal is to prevail over the opponent force and dominate the world. First of all, hit panels at the bottom to train any type of soldier, such as Base Guard, Air Force, Striker, Infantry, and others. Then, deliver them to the battleground and set up them in specific locations to crush down the opposing troop. Remember to shield your troop by building up turrets and towers around the home base.

Good luck to you in the fierce battlefield of Battle Gear 2, all guys!


How to play

Use the left mouse to do everything in Battle Gear 2.

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