Awesome Conquest

Awesome Conquest

Have ever dreamt of becoming a leader who takes control over a whole empire? Then, the gameplay of Awesome Conquest will surely make your satisfaction reach the highest notch. Come here!

Your home country is now on a plan for devastation made by an evil army. Of course, the most significant task here is to create excellent strategies to kill them to death before everything becomes too late! First of all, you have to build and deploy your home troop within 60 seconds! Then, earn money by mining the offered slots along with praying to God. It is easy to realize that the warriors of your team will automatically confront and beat up the opponents. Don’t forget to spend the collected income on new power-ups and equipment items since they are very useful for the next fights!

Wow! How hard to deny Awesome Conquest is! Try best!


How to play

The left mouse is simply held to play the game.


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