Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran is now resting herself in an asylum. But the dullness and stuffiness of this place make her bored. That’s why she wishes to leave here and enjoys something interesting around the city. But, she is a patient, and no one allows her to do that! Help her make a successful escape by landing on Angry Gran Run right now, all players!

Your main job is to control Angry Gran in a clever way while she is moving on the roads of the city so that she’s able to evade all obstructions and come to the final destination. It is worth noting that her speed is automatic. So, you have no permission to have impact on it! Promptly, skillfully, smartly, and alertly keep her far away from all the dangers at the right time.

Spend your free time in winning Angry Gran Run! Let’s go!


How to play

Turn with the left and right arrow keys.
Jump or slide with the up and down arrow keys.
Lean right or left with the X or Z key.

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