Angry Gran Run Halloween

Angry Gran Run: Halloween

It’s time to enter the Asylum Hospital to help an old woman get out from that place. Let’s tap Start button and begin the adventure in Angry Gran Run Halloween . No time for wasting, guys! Come on!

When landing on the playing field, you will take control of Angry Gran and guide her to run away from the terrible hospital. Along the way, there’re lots of scary obstacles used to blocking her vision. Be clever and skillful to dodge over all of them as well as kicking some pass-by to earn the bonus. If players unintentionally make silly mistakes, Gran will be back to the hospital again. While running, please show off her running ability in jumping, sliding, turning the corners, and making incredible flying kicks. Don’t miss snatching all the scattered coins to purchase boosters and power-ups for her.

Are you ready? If yes, tie your shoelaces and head towards Angry Gran Run Halloween to support Gran instantly!

How to play

Press the arrow keys to guide Gran.
Tap AD keys to lean left/right.

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