Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls

Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls

A fascinating story of Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls is just waiting for your participation, so don’t hesitate anymore! It revolves around an old man whose responsibility is to bring back his friends the lost scrolls because he’s the only person finding such the items successfully. But, the task is never as easy as his expectation. And he cannot fulfill it without your assistance. Please get this puzzle game activated as his assistant right now, all players!

To help the man, you are requested to control the power and trajectory of shots in order that he’s able to exactly toss the lost scrolls towards his friends. Along the way, other obstacles, like hard planks, flames, spikes, high walls, etc. also prevent his shots. Thus, rest assured that you use the given tools and machines to overcome or deal with these difficulties. Ah, it is also vital to keep in mind that the lost scrolls are limited!

Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls becomes a good ambiance to hone your shooting skill. How nice!


How to play

The overall game is enjoyed by using the left mouse.


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