Age of Wonder : Scrolls

Age of Wonder : Scrolls

Age of Wonder : Scrolls is listed as a game of knowledge. During a fascinating adventure, you discover a secret room full of ancient wisdom in a secret library of Alexandria. And it is your mission is to spread that knowledge to as many people as possible throughout the land so that they are able to use it to do good things!

How to do this hard mission? It is important to cleverly adjust the power and trajectory of shots in order to throw knowledge at others. Be cautious of other obstacles that can prevent your shots as well, such as spikes, hard planks, flames, high walls, etc. So, follow the in-game instructions will be a wise choice to deal with these obstacles. For instance, press the Spacebar to switch over from scrolls to rocks. In addition, the lost scrolls are just limited. Therefore, they should be wisely used!

Play Age of Wonder : Scrolls and I bet that you will be addicted to its fun gameplay! How interesting!


How to play

The game is lonely controlled by the left mouse and the spacebar key.


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