Age Of War 2

Age Of War 2

If you wish to experience a long period battle in the prehistoric time, don’t mind setting foot to Age Of War 2 – a cool combination of strategy & defense now!

In fact, all players are quite able to have their own base and empowering units to get started. At the beginning, try to use 2.500 gold for purchasing needful troops for the war. After that, from the left side of the screen, please guide your warriors to the right side, and then wipe out the rivals’ headquarter. Don’t forget to build up the turrets so that the base will be well protected from the attacks of these opposing forces. Sounds attractive, right? Keep playing to discover powerful weapons & new units, and also add much gold. With the gold, you may buy several essential upgrades for boosting the fighting ability of the troops. Take advantage of using Special in the urgent cases.

Let’s get selves dipped into Age Of War 2 once!

How to play

To build turrets & hire units, you should use the left mouse, remember!

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