After The Credits

After The Credits

If you feel bored at the weekend, don’t forget to inspire yourself by an awesome game, called After The Credits! It tells about Bill – a famous character in Contra Flash series! Here we go!

See! Our hero is entering a dark and terrible dungeon. His aim is to fight against a huge monster here! The reason is that his beloved has been abducted and imprisoned here. It is your mission to guide him to the destination where his girl is being locked. While excellently rescuing her, you should slay the Boss as well. Let him know how to move, jump, and control a gun. Any evil creature will be shot by this weapon along the way. Stay away of their counter-attacks! Otherwise, your health drops remarkably. To achieve the last victory, there is nothing more important than conquering all of the obstacles!

What do you feel? After The Credits is just like other types of action games, right? Come here!


How to play

Walk around by the arrow keys.
Jump over by the Z key.
Shoot by the X key.


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